Advanced Scuba Diver Class

The Advanced Scuba Diver course introduces divers to a variety of sites, conditions, and activities, and is an excellent way for new divers to make the transition to independent diving. In addition to learning new skills and activities, you'll also meet new dive buddies who have skills and experience similar to your own. For these reasons, every diver should consider enrolling in the Advanced Scuba Diver course immediately after completing their initial certification.

Most advanced courses consist of at least 6 open water scuba dives, with 3 of those dives teaching you navigation skills, deep diving, and night diving. The remaining dives focus on additional activities, and may include boat or shore diving, photography, diving in surf or currents, search and recovery, light salvage, or various other activities.

Upon completion of this course, you'll receive a new certification card that identifies you as an Advanced Scuba Diver.